Breadness QuickShop | Build Your Own Gift Bundle

Note: Presently, our QuickShop is designed for placing orders for pick-up at our bakery in Burbank. In the future we will be adding options for local and nationwide shipping. In the meantime, if you wish to order one of our 1- or 3-loaf Breadness Boxes for shipping anywhere in the USA, please use this link.

Wecome to our new Breadness QuickShop and Build Your Own Gift Bundle page where you can view and add items quickly and efficiently to your shopping cart, all in one place! From this page you can do the following:

  • Order items for yourself
  • Order a collection of items to use for creating gifts at home
  • Build your own custom Breadness Bundles for us to put together for you

Please read these instructions to learn how to use this new online shop.

Instructions for Using this Build Your Own Bundle Page
Each item has a brief description in its title but you can view the full description and larger photo(s) of any item by clicking/tapping on the image or the item name. You can close the details popup window by click/tapping the “X” in the upper right corner. Add an item to the cart by selecting the Check Box at the end of the row for that item (mobile users tap the “+” on the left to expand the item, swipe up a bit to reveal the Select check box). To remove an item from the cart, uncheck the box. You can also choose an item quantity other than “1” if you wish (stock permitting). This shop will only show items that are in stock. If no quantity box is showing, that means there is only 1 of that item in stock; if you tick the select box and add it to your cart, you will have nabbed the last one!

When you’re all done selecting items, press the button at the end of the page. The View Cart button will appear. Press that button to start the checkout process.

This shop page is laid out in sections, allowing you to choose your contents, followed by a selection of containers to hold your choices. (You must choose at least one container in order to proceed to checkout.) Although designed with gifting in mind, you can also use this page to order items for yourself.

This page is designed for placing one order at a time (an order can contain as may items as you like). If you wish to place an order for more than one Breadness Gift Box, upon completion of your first order, return to this page to create the next one. If you are looking to create a custom gift box to send to several recipients, contact us by e-mail or phone and we’ll be happy to help you with that.

So go ahead and give our QuickShop a spin. And if you wish to include a personal message for a gift bundle, or give us instructions for your order, such as “Please Slice,” you can do that on the Checkout page.

Happy Shopping!



These are the organic artisan gluten-neutral sourdough breads that started it all…



Organic, raw, grass-grazed butters and organic, vegan-friendly butter enhance the Breadness experience… (Raw Farm butters are for bakery pickup only; cannot be shipped)



These artisan spreads are delightfully different! With so many to choose from, we recommend you come by the bakery to get a taste of as many as you like…



These organic extra virgin olive oils and infusions from Ojai Olive Oil Company are exquisite, flavorful and healthy! The tall bottles make quite an impression as well…



We’ve put together a collection of balsamic vinegars that will have your tastebuds in a tizzy! Pairing with the right olive oil opens a world of possibilities…



These chopped olive condiments are the best we’ve ever tasted (and our customers agree!).



Best-in-class cutlery, 100% cotton tea towel and a surprisingly powerful magnet clip!



The foundation of a perfect gift for newlyweds, housewarmings and musicians…


(at least one of these must be selected)

If your purchase is a gift, selecting the proper container is important. We protect all jars with padding and then pack your selected items in the appropriate-size box in a bed of paper-based cushioning material. If your gift bundle includes using our Eco-Tote to hold some or all of the selected items, you may also want us to pack that in a shipping box protected as above. If so, choose a box size from the drop-down list. If your selected items are for your own use, you can choose for us to pack them in our complimentary recycled paper bags. Once you’ve made your selection(s) here, click/tap Add Selected to Cart to proceed to the Checkout page.