~ Breadness & Butter ~


(price includes $3.69 sales tax on non-food items.)

Perfect for a picnic or a special meal, our Breadness & Butter Gift Bundle includes a fresh loaf of our Artisan Country Sourdough, a 1/4 lb. stick of Organic Pastures Raw Farm Butter (choice of Lightly Salted or “French Style” Cultured Unsalted), a versatile Butter Cooler with Ice Gel Pack, and a 28″x 28″ 100% Cotton Breadness Tea Towel.

Place your order in advance, choose the date/day you wish to pick up (Friday/Saturday 12-6p or Sunday 10a-2p) and your Bread Gift will be ready for you when you come to the bakery at 2214 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank.

Be sure to include a personal message for your gift recipient below.

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