Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Artisan Sourdough Bread?

Artisan refers to the time-honored, European method of making this bread whereby the dough is crafted by hand over a 3-day period and baked in small batches. The ingredients are also of the highest quality. Sourdough is a term that means fermented dough. The fermentation process begins when we add a small amount of Starter to flour and water. We use an organic San Francisco Sourdough Starter which contains wild yeasts and bacteria from the air in San Francisco. We started our starter in the fall of 2016 and it continues to grace us with the fine breads we make every week.

How did you get the name Random Acts of Breadness?

I started making artisan sourdough bread at home in November 2016. It took several weeks until I finally made a recipe that turned out well. By then it was close to Christmas so I baked 4 loaves and my wife wrapped them up really pretty. We gave them as gifts on Christmas Day and were there to see the unwrapping, slicing, buttering and tasting of the loaves. Each recipient stopped for a second and when I asked if something was wrong, they replied, “This is the best bread I’ve ever had!” I was not expecting that reaction but was overjoyed nonetheless. So I kept making bread every week, keeping a loaf or two and giving the remainder away, randomly. Cyndie continued to wrap the loaves up, sometimes with cutting boards and tea towels, and I went off to deliver them, sometimes as a total surprise to the unsuspecting recipient! After a while, I coined the phrase Random Acts of Breadness, inspired by the colloquial Random Acts of Kindness. It just seemed to describe what I was doing, best. But it also reflected what I wanted others to experience by gifting loaves as well.

Do you deliver locally?

If you order by Wednesday (or Thursday) before noon, we can economically ship your order via UPS Ground service and it will arrive in most of Southern California by Thursday (or Friday) afternoon. This is perfect for our type of artisan bread as we slow-cure it 24 hours before we sell it. When we ship, the curing happens in the box while it’s being processed and delivered. Your Breadness experience will be just like picking up your loaf from the bakery! Visit for this option.

We are also a DoorDash partner so if you live within their delivery zone, you can have any item we carry (including butter) delivered to your door within an hour. Visit to order via DoorDash.

Do I have to order on line or can I just come to the bakery?

You don’t have to order on line. However, we do sell out often and ordering on line prior to the day you wish to pick up your order will guarantee we have what you ordered set aside for when you arrive. You may also order by phone (call 818-562-7303) and pay for the order when you pick it up. If you call outside of our business hours, please leave a message with your name, phone number, what you’d like to order and what day you plan on picking it up.

What kinds of bread do you have?

We have 2 kinds of organic artisan sourdough bread: Traditional Country Loaf and Cinnamon Raisin Maple Pecan loaf. The loaves are boules (ball shape) and weigh from 1 to 1.3 pounds. We have size and shape variations of the Country Loaf: Batard (oblong for more consistent size slices), Petite (about 2/3 size at a lower cost), Breadness Bowls (used for holding chowders, thick soups, chili or dips). For the Cinnamon Raisin Maple Pecan loaf we also offer a Petite size. During December, we make a Gingerbread Sourdough that’s become a holiday favorite (Full Size and Petite)!

Is your bread gluten-free? What is gluten-neutral?
Our organic artisan sourdough bread is gluten-neutral. This comes about from the quality of organic flours and the 3-day European process we use to make the dough. During that time, the organic natural San Francisco starter breaks down the gluten, rendering it more bio-friendly. People with gluten sensitivities or intolerances have reported to us having no negative reactions to our bread. Some of the stories we’ve heard are quite miraculous. Come by for a free sample. (For people with celiac, we do not recommend our bread.) Our bread is also made without the bran or germ of the grains, both of which, according to Dr. Gundry’s book The Plant Paradox, contain harmful compounds.
Where is Random Acts of Breadness located?
We are located at 2214 West Magnolia Blvd., 2-1/2 blocks east of Buena Vista St., in Burbank. Click/tap the map for directions…

How is raw butter different than regular butter?

Raw butter is butter the way nature intended it; not pasteurized so that all of the living factors that make digesting the butter easier for the body are still alive and intact. Additionally, the raw butter we carry from Raw Farm in Fresno, California, is 100% grass grazed and non GMO. There’s a noticeable flavor difference as well. We carry two varieties of Raw Farm Butter: Cultured Unsalted and Lightly Salted (uncultured). Cultured butter is made by adding a culture to the cream, letting it culture for a short period of time, then making the butter. The result is a high-probiotic butter with a “French” flavor that I personally love. The Lightly Salted raw butter is not cultured and a bit of sea salt is added. Both butters have a wonderful flavor that when combined with Breadness, is what I call a “slice of heaven.”

What are polyphenols in olive oil?

Polyphenols are healthful antioxidants found in certain plants. They are plentiful in real extra virgin olive oil and produce a peppery “glow” in the throat when olive oil is tasted by itself. The organic extra virgin olive oils we carry from Ojai Olive Oil Company have different polyphenol levels ranging from 300 to 430. The Tuscan and Tuscan Herb blend are the strongest. The Provençale is the mildest of the ones we carry.