Artisan Sourdough Country Loaf (3‑Loaf Breadness Box)


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This is the loaf that started it all, our original 3-day process Organic Artisan Sourdough Bread (gluten-neutral, lectin-free, Plant Paradox-friendly, vegan) that became the genus of Random Acts of Breadness. Artisan baker Randall Michael Tobin has randomly gifted over 800 loaves of Breadness since December 2016! The usual response after the first bite: “This is the best bread I’ve ever had! Where can I buy this?” During our Grand Opening weekend we sold out our entire inventory of over 100 loaves (in 2 hours)! Customers were lined up outside waiting to get their Breadness! Now, Breadness can be shipped right to your door!

This package contains three one-pound Artisan Country Sourdough loaves.*

After several test shipments, we chose this number because the shipping for two loaves was only about $1 less than for three. But more importantly, since Random Acts of Breadness was conceived for giving this bread to another, we suggest keeping one or two loaves to enjoy right away, and giving the remaining loaf or loaves to a friend, relative, client/customer/patient, etc. (For gifting, if at all possible, it’s best to get this bread to the lucky recipients the day it’s delivered.) Of course, you can freeze Breadness and it thaws perfectly in its sealed bag on a cookie rack on your counter in about 5 hours. We recommend you double-zip-bag it for added protection.

*Note: Since each loaf is made by hand, single loaf weight may vary, but the combined weight will be close to 3 pounds.

Local/Southwest orders for this Mixed Breadness Box are shipped on Wednesday or Thursday for delivery on Thursday, Friday or Saturday via UPS Ground Service. All other orders are shipped on Wednesday via UPS 2-Day Air Service for delivery on Friday. We ask that you place your order anytime before 10 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday to receive your shipment on the days listed above. Note: Bread for shipping via 2-Day Air is shipped hours out of the oven and cannot be pre-sliced. If you wish to have your bread sliced, it will be cured, sliced, then frozen and shipped out 2-Day Air the following Monday or Tuesday.

We are limited to 12 Breadness Boxes (36 loaves) each week that we ship so get your order in early to have the best chance of being in that week’s shipment!

Ingredients: Organic Wheat/Barley/Rye Flour Blend (no bran or germ); CG Roxane Mountain Spring Water; Redmond Real Salt; Organic San Francisco Sourdough Starter (born 2016). Vegan, Plant Paradox-friendly.

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