Artisan Sourdough Stuffing Loaf


Just in time for the holidays (and for a limited time), this is a special version of our Organic Artisan Sourdough Country Loaf (at a special price!), perfect for making a savory, healthy stuffing/dressing for your dinner table. We freeze and dry-age these loaves, then gently bring them to room temperature the day before they will be picked up. To make it easier for you to create the perfect stuffing, we cut these loaves into 3/4″ slices which you can then cut into cubes for the toasting step. (organic, vegan)

We’re partial to this Sourdough Stuffing recipe by Dave Lieberman from Food Network (see photo above for Chef Tobin’s tasty dish last December), but you can use any recipe you like. One thing’s certain, if the basis of your stuffing is our Breadness Sourdough Stuffing Loaf, it’s going to be a highlight at your holiday meal!

Place your order anytime before Tuesday, November 23rd for pickup on Wednesday November 24th and your loaf/loaves will be ready for you when you (or your chauffeur) come to the bakery at 2214 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank.

After Thanksgiving, we will make more for Christmas…

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