~ The Big Dipper Deluxe ~


(priced as shown | includes $1.08 sales tax on dipping bowls)

Introducing the Breadness Constellation Collection: The Big Dipper Deluxe (shown here), The Big Dipper, The Little Dipper and The Petite Dipper!

The Big Dipper Deluxe comes with a fresh-cured loaf of our signature Organic Artisan Sourdough, choice of 2 tall bottles of Ojai Olive Oil Company’s Organic EVOO (Signature and Tuscan Herb Infusion shown), choice of 2 bottles of Ritrovo Selections BV (Organic Apple and Organic Turmeric shown) and 2 EVOO/BV Porcelain Dipping Bowls. This ensemble will last well beyond Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day, too…).

Optional Gift Box or Eco-friendly Tote available to hold this ensemble.

Note: Due to demand, one or more non-bread items may be sold out when your order is placed, in which case you may substitute like items, or receive a voucher that can be redeemed at a later date.

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