~ The Petite Dipper ~

Introducing the Breadness Constellation Collection: The Big Dipper Deluxe, The Big Dipper, The Little Dipper and The Petite Dipper (shown here)!

The Petite Dipper comes with a fresh-cured Petite Loaf of our signature Organic Artisan Sourdough and a choice of 1 or more shots (1 ounce each) of any of the fresh EVOOs from around the world that we have in our EVOO Bar. (Shot glass and dipping bowl shown are used for illustrative purposes only; your selected EVOO(s) is poured and sealed in a travel container(s).)

Our resident EVOO sommelier will select the shot(s) for you, or you can choose from our list of current offerings.

Optional Gift Box or Eco-friendly Tote available to hold this ensemble.